EPAL wins 2021 DIN user prize



EPAL wins 2021 DIN user prize


Every year, the Deutsche Institut für Normung e.V. (German Institute for Standardization - DIN) awards prizes to special projects and initiatives which document the significance of standardisation and specification to the economy and society. EPAL won the DIN user prize in 2021: this prize acknowledges the showcasing of use of standards and specifications that benefit the economy and initiatives by the users of the standards.

On announcing the award to EPAL, DIN highlighted the fact that standards relevant to EPAL Euro pallets make a direct contribution to a sustainable circular economy.

EPAL provides a global pallet pool and ensures consistently high-quality pallets based on existing standards. Both EPAL and its customers benefit equally from the use of the relevant standards, primarily DIN EN 13698-1. This standard defines the construction specifications for the production of flat, wooden 800 mm x 1200 mm pallets. (…)

The judging panel praised the concept of the EPAL Euro pallet pool which is based on a simple idea. It has been extremely successfully implemented and generates significant added value throughout the world.

EPAL also makes a valuable contribution to the circular economy. The reuse and exchange of EPAL Euro pallets in the EPAL Euro pallet pool is a model of the sustainable economy based on the principle of ‘reuse, repair, recycle’. The universally applicable standard also supports reuse as well as repair of damaged EPAL Euro pallets.

(Source: https://www.din.de/de/din-und-seine-partner/presse/mitteilungen/din-preistraeger-innen-2021-845262)


Peter Leinemann, Andrea Engels, Jens Lübbersmeyer und Thomas Beenen were the main contributors to EPAL‘s submission to the competition. The benefits of the EPAL Euro pallet pool for both the general and the circular economy were clearly illustrated in a video released by DIN for the 2021 DIN user prize (“Recognising the benefits: ensuring pallet quality through standardisation”).

EPAL is particularly honoured to receive the award as the organisation is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2021 as well as the 60th anniversary of the Euro pallet. Approximately 100 million EPAL Euro pallets were produced in 2021 and approximately 620 million EPAL Euro pallets are currently being used or exchanged in the EPAL Euro pallet pool.



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